Love Yourself

Category : general

The last couple of weeks at work, home, and elsewhere have been.....uneventful, sometimes stressful, and mostly kind of depressing in a way.

I've felt like I'm not accomplishing anything, I've not made progress, and more importantly felt like I'm not moving forward.

It's funny, I wish I took my own advice a lot more... a lot more.

But that's what friends are for, and my really good friend made me realise so much from just talking with her for 3 hours.

She really annoys me sometimes (in a good way), because I know she can be right about a lot of things related to life, and I feel like I can't teach her anything or help her with anything really.

But I'm really glad I did talk to her, because talking with her made me realise a couple of important things.

I want to get more comfortable with myself, and be more open and honest with myself.

No more putting myself down, no more running away from what I really want, what I want to say, what I want to do.

Love myself more, be myself more.

There's nothing wrong with the me I am now, because the me I am now is the me that I am.