Over the last week I've been busy moving over most of my OSes over to CentOS (Linux), since I've been using it more and more for the servers I administer.
While doing so, I found some files, lots of really old files, files I should probably delete.

It made me think. and really over the last couple of days, it seems like I've done nothing but remember and reminisce.

You see, the biggest thing I fail at, is expressing myself properly, so I'm often misunderstood for so many things, no matter what the language, country, or setting is.

If I could I want to:

- Say sorry to the people I've deeply hurt.
- Say thank you to the people that protected me.
- Relive the times where I "loved" and thought I was being "loved" back.
- Show certain people that I've gotten stronger.
- Make certain people proud.
- Take back some words I've said, or things I've done.
- Change a lot of things...

but clinging to the past or thinking about it so much is never a good thing, and really, no matter how rough or how weird a past you have, there is one important thing.

You've got the present, the now.


When you realize this your world that was so narrow before, becomes so wide. Then you start realizing that all people are alike in a lot of different ways, even though we come from a lot of different backgrounds, have experienced a lot of different things.

And with that in thought, you start to realize that there is no way you can sum up someone's past, their history, their potential, their feelings, or their thoughts with words alone.

So there is no way yours or mine either can be summed up with words.

I think that alone is reason enough to keep moving forward.

So to the future me...

Keep Walkin'